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[pct-l] Martina and Brian

For those following the adventures of Martina and Brian,

I heard from them at Red's Meadow last week.  They say the weather in the
Sierra is beautiful and no one is around.  It is as though they have them
nearly to themselves.  No bear problems through Yosemite and Ansel Adams
Wilderness areas, so far.  They are counterbalancing, for those following
the bear lines on this list.

They anticipate reaching Vermillion in a few days, then on to Whitney.
Averaging better than 25 miles per day.  Undecided whether to climb it or
pass.  They are going to go out to Lone Pine for re-supplies and a break
and then back in and onward to Kennedy.  Hoping to reach Kennedy Mdws by
October 8th or so.  Finishing up at Walker Pass where they flipped from
around the 12th.  

They are tough and of the few who will have gone the whole way this
toughest of tough years.  I'd be interested in an unofficial count for
complete hikes this year.  


Greg "Strider" Hummel 
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