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Re: [pct-l] Light weight tents

In a message dated 9/28/98 11:26:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
notowitz@pacbell.net writes:

<< Would appreciate any information anyone has as to
 quality, ease of use, etc. >>

I used a Stephensen Tent this past summer while backpacking the PCT through
sections of California and Oregon.  It is true to the stated weights...mine
weighs in at 3 lbs...it has the big door and two windows.  The silicone
treated parachute cloth is very slippery material...my thermarest would go one
way and I the other...solved this problem by using a Zrest...since nothing
will stick to the  material they use...I'd suggest you have them seal the
seams for an additional $40 or so bucks... they give you a tube of GE silicone
when they sell you the tent and instructions on how to mix it with gasoline to
make it thin enough to spread on the seams, I don't like the idea of messing
around with gasoline...so let them do it....the Big Door is great for getting
into and out of the tent...except when it rains...there is only one place for
the rain to go when you open the door to exit or enter and that is right into
your tent....the tent sets up very quickly, less than 4 minutes and when the
ground is too rocky or too sandy to use titanium tent stakes you can easily
use three small rocks to set it up and it will stay put...I never had a
problem with condensation build up...it does have good ventilation...the
telescoping poles are lightweight but burr easily....mine did and I ripped the
hoop sleeve...so I'll be sending it back to Stephensen for repair....they
insist on prepayment for repairs and return postage....and in my opinion
overpriced for what you get.

Cynthia Taylor-Miller
Wallingford, Vermont
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