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Re: [pct-l] re: dogs on the PCT

I'm new to the list, so will offer a short intro... moved to S.
California a bit over one month ago from Alaska (25 years there). Have
been thinking about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for years, so I'm
hoping to get some ideas from the list. I did a lot of hiking in the
Sierras before moving to Alaska... loved it! In Alaska, I did some work
with moose and waterfowl as a biological technician in the
Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta and Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and staked
mining claims in the Brooks Range for a few seasons. My main job was
raising a family, though... everything else was mostly fun!  ;-)

Anyway, I was thinking I'd like to hike the CA section of the PCT... but
I want to take my dog (who has been with me through mountains, glaciers,
moose and grizzlies the last nine years). The comment about dogs having
trouble with their feet is most interesting... and I wonder if it is a
matter of conditioning before taking them to the trail. The Iditarod
dogs run over 1000 miles in 10 days, so I don't think distance really is
an obstacle. More of concern to me is the fact that the PCT goes through
several National Parks, and apparently dogs are not allowed in the
backcountry. Is there anyone who can give me more info about this? Can
one acquire a permit to take a dog... why aren't dogs allowed in the
backcountry, anyway?

Thanks for any ideas.

Ken Marlow wrote:
> > 2. Has anyone ever completed the PCT with their dog?
> > and if so ... what were their issues?
> Most attempts doing a thru-hike with dogs have been unsuccessful for the
> canine, even with the special booties available. After awhile, most dog's
> feet just can't take it. 

Karen Hancock
San Clemente, CA
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