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RE: [pct-l] Calories

I've never trusted the bottles with flip tops in my pack.  Maybe I'm
paranoid, but I keep thinking of the mess that even a few ounces of oil
would make.  When I've carried oil, I've always used a (several ounce)
Nalgene style screw top bottle (I got mine from a laboratory supply store,
but I've seen them at EMS recently).  The trick is to get one with the
little ridge around the top that makes a firm, leak proof, seal.  I then
keep the bottle in a Ziploc freezer bag, and that gets bagged with the rest
of my food.

I don't think that an oil soaked pack would survive the mice very long.

I've never had a flip top bottle open up on me, but that might be because
I've never carried one!  I have too much respect for Murphy's law.

-- Jim

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> From: Dude Spellings [mailto:dude1@pdq.net]
> I've thought about carrying some type of oil in a little 
> 1.5oz squeeze bootle
> with a flip top that you can get at REI.  This would save 
> weight by not
> carrying the whole bottle.  True oils have a lot of calories 
> because they are
> 100% fat ( which is 9 calories per gram), but it would wiegh 
> a lot to carry any
> large amount.  I think it might work well to carry a small 
> squeeze bottle and
> send a big bottle ahead in a drift box, although I have'nt 
> actually tried this
> yet.
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