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[pct-l] Hostel in trouble

  Randy Testman's "PCT Wilderness Hostel" that for 20 years has been the most
unique stopover on the S.California section of the PCT, and the network of
hiking trails Randy and Brad have established all thru the area are now
threatend by the nasty menace of an encroaching BEAUROCRACY!
  For anyone who doesn't know about the hostel, it is found 1.7 miles off the
PCT on a detour up the South Fork Mission Creek canyon (maps C3&C4).  The
hostel offers free camping, filtered water and solar showers to all.  Small
fees are charged for laundry, meals, snack items and a hot tub.  Horse feed,
corral and picket-line are available for equestrians.
  The history of the place is too long to get into here.  Randy and Brad's
lives, the future of hikers and others in South Fork and the property itself
have been taken hostage by the lawers and adminstrators of La Sierra
University.  LSU holds the title to the land, but these bureaucrats have never
put anything in the property.  They decided to abandon it in 1981 when an
additional tax was added to the land.  Randy offered to pay the tax himself,
and all future taxes, if the school would just hold on to the title.  Now,
somehow LSU's attorney has convinced La Sierra to fight Randy, Brad and the
future of the property rather than co-operate.  LSU has decided to sell the
property, and is trying to do so with no regard or imput from Randy. Or
compensation.  They sent a letter to Randy in August 1998 stating that they
somehow have the right to give him sixty days (or less!) notice to vacate the
property....and this is the only home Randy, Brad and the three dogs have! 
  Randy is now in a "hunger strike" fast (as of 8-20-98) for the peace,
freedom and independance of the beautiful wilderness place he and Brad have
created for the good of hikers; their home at Mission Creek.
  There are many more details that I have not mentioned here,  if you want to
know more, or how you can help, give them a call.  The number is 760-567-8709.
I'm sure they would love to hear your support.
  The main campus swithboard number at LSU is 909-785-200 or 1-800-874-5587.
(web address is www.lasierra.edu.) GIVE THEM A CALL OR LETTER.
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