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Back to the PCT please!

Walt and I have been lurking off-line hoping that this 
site would get back 
to what it was originally created to do, DISCUSS our love 
for "hiking", and 
more specifically "hiking the PCT!"  After coming back off 
the PCT in June, 
our hearts were down -- we couldn't safely hike the trail 
because of the 
amount of snow and water.  We desparately needed to hear 
how fellow hikers 
were doing on the PCT and other hikes hoping to get out 
there-- what 
happened while we were gone???

Please put personal bickering aside and get back to 
HELPING others!  So many 
people are getting the wrong ideas about this PCT 
discussion site and it 
reflects badly on all of us and does not bode well for 
future positive 

If you can't discuss topics positively on line--get off-
line and STAY THERE 
or go to another site, one that was designed to debate -- 
this is a 

Thank you for sharing your love of the PCT Karl, have a 
great hike Brick. 
Wish we were going with you this week-end Charlie have a 
fantastic hike - 
tell Cher Hi! for us.  For those of you with information 
on '98 PCT hikers 
whereabouts and experiences please get on line and give us 
your news, this 
is why we come here.  Walt and I are wanting to know how 
the following are 
doing; Scott and Beth Murdock, Mousetrap, Jeremy and 
Priscilla, Ted & Deb 
Williams, Jeff Dunbar, Weathercarrot, Martina and Brian, 
Svein, and all the 
others we are missing so much and rooting for a final 
month on the trail.  

We spent a week on the AT and realized our hearts were 
still on the PCT and 
decided to go back home.  It was a good choice, my Mother 
is not doing well 
and I was needed at home.

Eagerly looking for news!

Happy Trails
Walt & Pat Radney

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