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[pct-l] JMT bear tidbit

    Being a saintly soul (or masochist maybe), I decided to risk another
post to you guys; my maternal instinct/belief in the Common Good seems to
have won over my natural impulses toward self-preservation, wince. Just
saw this little tidbit - which I have not checked out, BTW. The Center
Basin incident _I_ know of doesn't qualify as an outright "attack" in my
book, but then I've been accused of being soft-on-bears, so....

>> Bear Warning - Emergency Food Storage Restrictions 
>> Kings Canyon National Park  - Aug 25, 1998
>> There have been two recent incidents of uncharacteristically
>> aggressive bears, which resulted in two people being attacked
>> and injured.  These backcountry visitors were sleeping with
>> their food instead of following proper food storage precautions. 
>> As a result, the park has instituted emergency food storage
>> The backcountry areas of Center Basin, Bubbs Creek, Rae Lakes,
>> and others now REQUIRE that visitors store food in lockers
>> provided or take bear proof canisters.  Hanging food or
>> sleeping with food is NOT allowed. 
>> People going into the backcountry are warned to be particularly
>> alert for any unusual bear behavior, and to report any bear
>> encounters to the rangers.
>> For more information, the park Wilderness Office phone number
>> is (209) 565-3708.

    Make of this what you will - just thought some of you might like to
see this.     bj

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