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Re: [pct-l] bear cans

> How safe are they? The plastic garcia is well tested. bears can't get into
> them because they can't grip on them. The aluminum cans use the same
> principal but this is the first year of use.

  I'll spare you the details of how a bear created a pendulum motion
after 30 minutes of work to foil my counterbalanced soaps and misc stuff,
but *after* going for the counterbalanced bags, he went for my aluminum
can, which was sitting on a rock right next to the bag tree.

It spent only about 30-60 seconds with the container between It's paws,
before leaving the area.  I didn't see that it aggressively tried to
open it, but none the less the food remained intact, while my container
of hanging deet was bit through.  I realize that this is a small sample
size, but ya gotta start somewhere... ...Bears 0, humans 1 with Al containers.


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