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[pct-l] Poster Kids for the Idiot Faction

.....lately with all the List talk on bears, could we change the subject to
something a bit less contentious, maybe?.....I don't know.......something

Monday August 31 5:17 PM EDT
Campers mistake friend for bear, shoot him

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - Teenagers camping in the Alaskan wilderness
shot and killed a
companion who they mistook for a bear, state troopers said Monday.

They said Michael Callaway, 17, of Anchorage, was shot on Sunday when he and
another boy hid
in the woods and tried to scare the rest of the party as they walked past.

At least some of the group of seven -- three boys and four girls aged
between 16 and 19 -- had
been drinking, the troopers said.

The teenagers had hiked to an abandoned mining cabin about 60 miles south of
Callaway was shot in the leg and taken to a hospital in the city where he
died, the troopers said.


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