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Re: [pct-l] bear manners

Why do I need to hike 2600 miles to understand what an extra 3 pounds
means? Seriously, this is an insulting statement. Anyone who hikes 8-10 or
more days without resupply knows the pain of each extra pound once you're
at the limit.

The PCT is a series of 8-10 day hikes between resupplies. True, as your fat
goes away the need for calories increases but then you carrying ability
will typically increase correspondingly.

That said, the current, non-Garcia, Bear Can weighs 2# 3 oz. Properly
loaded it weighs 20.5 pounds. That's 18 pounds of food or 10-12 days for
the average backpacker.

 I have a real problem understanding why you don't agree that this the
absolutely best solution today to keeping food from bears!

Even if you can expertly hang food every time and are willing to take the
energy to do so, I'd question why you'd want to. Hanging food is a pain,
almost as bad as camping near a bear box. For 2 pounds you can camp where
and when you want without hassel. Instead of walking 16 miles a day for 10
days, walk 18 miles for 9 days. You can save an extra two pounds of food
for the last day and easily walk the extra two miles per day in the time it
takes to hang your food! You can pick up the canister at Kennedy Meadows,
refill it at Mammoth and dump it at Kennedy Meadows north of Yosemite.
Whats the big deal?

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