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Re: [pct-l] Lightweight Packs

Before we go further in this pissing contest; What do you dispute?

1. I claim that the probality of a bear visiting a campsite is about 3% [3
times in 100].

The area that I am talking about is the JMT, the PCT that is not part of
the JMT north to Highway 108 and the access trails that JMT/PCT through
hikers would typicall use to obtain food supplies. The access trails I am
thinking about are Mt. Whitney Trail, Kearsarge Pass, Bubbs and Woods Creek
to Cedar Grove, Bishop Pass and Piute Pass to Bishop, Florence Lake, Bear
Creek and Lake Edison trails to the roads, and multiple trails to Mammoth.
I'm sure I missed a few but I'm talking about trails that lead to
civilization, i.e. a place wher one can drop food, as opposed as an obscure
trailhead in the middle of nowhere.

MY experience is 3%. Actually, it could be higher because a bear could have
visited my campsite many times without me knowing it. Much of the time
bears don't bother with bear canisters or bear boxs.

If you disagree with 3%, what is your experience?

2. I claim that about 25% of the time, 1 camp in 4, that the food is
vulnerable to bears because either a bear box is not available or it is not
high enough to preclude bear activity. If you don't like this number, than

Now actually, one can probably hike from Crabtree Meadow to Woods Creek and
stop every night at a bear box. That's a strategy -- if you like to be with
people when you camp. Also, the area between Woods Creek and Palisades Lake
is probably low bear activity. However, from LeConte Canyon north to
Highway 108 bear activity is high -- and there aren't any bear boxs [at
least when I went through].

3. Do you disagree with my belief that counterbalancing works, at least
some of the time? If so, what is your experience? In particular, I ask this
question: Once the bear is up the tree, has anyone ever saved the food?

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