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Re: [pct-l] Lightweight Packs

So big deal, I am an engineer too. Only 32 years experience. Now .0075 and
.75% are the same number per night. If you multiply 3/4% times 28 nights
you get a 21% possibility of losing food on that trip.

The people who I have talked to are basically everyone I have met on the
JMT and the access trails in 10 years of hiking. Most of them have lost
food once in a while, usually because of "improper hanging" they say. Are
you any your people smarter than them? I hope so. They ought to be.

I fully agree that the NPS says things that ain't true. They do, however,
have the information. The most frequent question i've heard a Ranger ask is
"Any bear problems?" I'd like that raw data ((: [i know i'm dreaming]

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