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Re: [pct-l] Five day run of the John Muir Trail (XP)

In 1990, when I was on the JMT, I met a small group (2or 3) that was
trying to run the trail in 3 days.  They were supported - someone met
them with food along the way, and they only carried fanny packs.  They
did carry a small notebook, and asked me to sign in the time and date I
had seen them so they could prove their time.  I met them on their
second day, don't know what happened to them.  

The problem with that kind of run is that if you are starting each day
at midnight, then you do half the trail when it is too dark to see the
beautiful country you're in, and the other half when you are too
exhausted to care.  Why bother?  But then, I wouldn't if I could,
couldn't if I would - so I'll just take my time and mosy along, looking
at views and waving at the runners as they fly by.
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