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[pct-l] lightweight pack and bears

Ray Jardine did not carry a bear canister. Things were different then.
  I thought the reason Ray jardine did not carry a bear cannister was because he was/is confident in the stealth camping technique he describes in his book: camping away from the trail in a spot that is not frequented by other campers, cooking your food away from camp, no campfire, etc.  He did his last thru-hike before revising his book in 1994.  Surely things have not changed that much in 4 years.  Okay, there are now laws about using safe food storage methods(hanging or cannisters are the only "safe" methods recognized by the law), but the actual bear conditions really haven't changed that much...cars were being broken into by bears in Yosemite the year that the park opened(according to Dateline NBC last Wednesday).
    Also, if you carried two nylon stuff sacks and 75' of nylon cord, you could still officially store your food safely without adding the extra bulk and weight.  The only problem I had hanging food on my recent TYT hike was finding that magical tree that is in all the diagrams.  None the less, we saw no bears.

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