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Re: [pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #565

> My wife and I just got back from a wonderful little 350 mile jaunt through
> the Sierra's, that would put about 500 miles on are home made backpacks.
> We ordered the basic pattern from Rainshed and the material from both
> Rainshed and Frostline.  It is their Alpine Rucksack that we modified.  We
> used 1.1oz coated ripstop for the body and 6.25 oz Cordura to strengthen
> the bottom and back.  Must all of the webbing was 1/2".  We only put in
> three pockets, two on the sides for water bottles and a large mesh one
> across the front.  We took a suggestion from Jardine and put in his
> extendable top.  I refused to carry a pack without a hip belt, and the
> design had a terrible one, so we created our own.  We took the mounting
> method from a Sierra Designs pack and the belt design from a Lowe pack.
> After playing with this we had a workable belt system that was fully
> adjustable and lighter then the factory ones.  Ann's pack, empty, weights
> 13oz and mine is 16oz.  So far the packs have been large enough to hold
> all our gear, food, and water for a six day food drop, with the top
> extensions we should be able to get everything in them for a eight or nine
> day food drop.
> Tim and Ann
> The Ravens  PCT '96
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> Thanks for all of the info about tents.  My next question:  Has anyone
> made
> their own packs?  What fabrics did you use, did you use a pattern, what
> size
> was it, what company etc.  Any information would be great.  Thanks,
> Michelle
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