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[pct-l] Re: Pack size...

I did a section hike from white pass to snoqualmmie pass here in washington
using a 2800 cc pack.  I had five days food in it, an old rain fly for
shelter, a small down sleeping bag, a set of polypro, a fleece sweater, a
wool hat, a nylon windbreaker, a nylong poncho/groundcloth, two extra pair
of socks, an extra pair of running shorts, a book, plastic poop shovel and
tp, knife, whistle, compass, flashlight, needle and thread, sunglasses,
requisite section of guidebook, eight aluminum 6" tent stakes, and that's
about it.  the basic pack weighed about 17 pounds.  With food it went up to

I managed to stop by Chinook Pass and hung 3 and a half days of food from a
tree, so i started out with about 20 pounds.  What a difference from my base
weight of about 32 pounds with my Jansport D-3, stove, pot, tent, fleece
pants, extra book (I seem to be walking or lying down), down vest, fuel,

I had room in the pack for more food, or warm clothes, if need be.  

Jeffrey Olson
Seattle, Washington...

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