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[pct-l] Hi from England

I have been lurking for a few months on this site to learn as much as I
can about hiking the PCT which I hope to start (and Finish) in 1999.
My name is Mike Scawen, I am 60 and completed the AT in 1997.  My trail
name is The Tea Machine on account of the fact that I make tea for
anybody I meet on the trail.
Most of my questions have been answered and like a lot of '99ers we hope
that El Nino takes a hike too, however a very fundemental question from
a foreigner.  During the normal hiking season of May thru September what
time in the morning do you have gray light sufficient to start hiking
and what time should you plan on stopping because of failing light in
the evening?
I am enjoying being a member of this list and even 'enjoyed'the odd
outbursts(horse apples threw me a bit until I realised the line of
conversation though).
Another question, about PCTA membership, I have enrolled electronically
but nobody has sent anything or even asked for money, is there anyone on
the list that can sort that for me without me making a very expensive
long distance telephone call?  Thanks in advance and I hope to meet some
of you next year.
Mike Scawen
Mike Scawen
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