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[pct-l] JMT Weather

I  just got back from 4 day hike on JMT (8/19-22) from Mammoth-Horseshoe
Lake to Edison Lake.  The weather during the day was hot ,80 to 90s in
sun on switch backs.  No clouds in the sky for 4 days, extremely rare &
beautiful.  The nights were around freezing.  One night we spent at Lake
Virginia there was a 1/2 inch of ice in our water bucket in the morning.
There was ice on the edges of Silver Pass Lake in the morning also.  The
trail very dusty.  Still a little section of snow at Silver Pass.
Perhaps 30 feet that you had to climb to get over, no problem.  Only one
steam crossing that we had to take off our boots.  The trail maintained
extremely well, only recall one tree over trail.

Any other info just e-mail me or call.

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