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[pct-l] PCT planner address / hiking partners


The PCT planning program is at:


It is also linked from my main page at:
But you'll be greated by the Village People instead.

RE: Hiking partners.

I hiked Washington in August 1994 with my good friend Curtiss.  We both
agree that August 1994 was the greatest month of our lives.  Curtiss has a
funny sense of humor.  Since we were only going for a month, we didn't have
time to get annoyed with each other, but then again, there wasn't any signs
of that happening.

When I decided to finish the PCT in 1996, I was originally hung up on
finding a hiking partner and or soul-mate girlfriend to hike the PCT with.
I didn't have any friends who wanted to do such a big thing and I came to
the conclusion that single voluptuous girls in their 20's who enjoy long
distance hiking simply do not exist. Soo...I decided to go at it alone, and
there would be people to hike with on the trail.

After a few days, I realized that I liked hiking alone...since I have
always been somewhat anti-social.  Looking back, I'm really glad I hiked
the 2150 miles by myself.  Sure I could hike with other people for a day or
so, but I wasn't under commitment.  I might want to stop and eat dinner,
and the person I'd be hiking with would want to go on.  "See ya up the
trail..."  Three weeks later I might see the person again.

Another thing to remember is that if both you and your hiking partner are
of similar age and desire the same girls...this can present a problem at
times.  I'm sure many of you never think of this aspect...I didn't either
until a bike trip from Canada to Brick's house last summer.  Though my
riding partner and I never really discuassed it, there was always that
uneasy tension at times.

When you hike alone, you don't have to give into that damn "C"
word...comprimise. You can do whatever the hell you want.  There was enough
people on the trail to talk to once in awhile.  If I do the CDT in a few
years, I'd go at it solo.  Granted if I ever do meet the afformentioned
female above...that would be a different story entirely.


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