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RE: [pct-l] JMT status 7/30/98

Tom your reports have been a great help.

My wife and I will be leaving tonight to start hiking south from Yosemite on
the Theodore Salmon trail to Kings Canyon, then we will head up to Vidette
Meadow and then back to Yosemite on the JMT.  All and all a mer 350 miles.
Given the timing of your trip we should pass you on the JMT.  Just look for
two people with home made backpacks.

I was talking with a Kings Canyon backcountry ranger yesterday and he said
that Seldon and Silver passes had snow starting about 10,500 and that Bear
and Silver Creeks were bad crossings.  Glenn Pass has a big snow field on
the north side.  Harrison Pass and Lucy's Foot Path were total snow covered.

Tim and Ann
The Ravens  PCT '96

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