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Re: [pct-l] After the PCT

Dear tdilo,

At 10:42 PM 7/29/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I was wondering what many of you do after you complete the PCT.  Do you go
back to work, change careers, or even maybe do the AT or Continental
Divide?  PCT thru-hiker 2001.

I completed a thru hike of the PCT back in '77.  I was in college at the
time and took off a spring quarter to combine with the summer in my
softmore year.  I came back to school fully energized and breezed thru the
courses to graduate and go on to graduate school where the momentum carried
me thru a master's degree.  When ever I get the urge (this occurs often) to
go out and take on another long trail or repeat the PCT I remember what my
partner and I thought the last night on the trail just south of the
Canadian border:  This has been a great adventure . . . but I don't think I
want to do so much of one thing (walking) for so long again.  The distance
wasn't the issue, it was the seeking variety in activity.  

I compromise all of this with renewed thoughts of repeating the PCT, or
taking on the CDT in sections at some point.  Maybe these are just dreams
as Karl Brandt relayed in his post, but the momentum still carries me and
it might just carry me back to Campo someday with a backpack on ready to
head north!

(Sorry to be so romantic about it for those of you less so inclined)

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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