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[pct-l] Water Crossings

As the snow retreats the problem has become water crossings. Most crossings
are "high and dangerous. cross as early as possible" some water, the Kern
for example, is uncrossable. Others, the Kings for example, are crossable
only on logs.

Small streams, even streams that aren't shown on the map, may be a major
undertaking. The watchword is be cautious and careful. Don't try to cross
anywhere after a thunderstorm.

Some meadows are under water.

In general, water is subsiding at the rate of 20% for every 5 days. I say
in general because my predictions are based on gross river projections
rather than local conditions.

The Mt. Whitney trail is now passable without an ice axe-just barely.

I leave Saturday for Sequoia NP.

Regards and good hiking!

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