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[pct-l] mountain light 5200

There are side compression straps on the Mountainlight 5200 that would
handle up to a 2/3 full pack (say empty hood pocket and main bag 3/4 full)
but anything less would start being like Jell-O. There isn't enough
stiffness anywhere on the pack to allow much less than 2/3 full pack without
the pack becoming more of a knapsack. The pack seems to be designed to be
carried best with a full load.



Wonderful review of the mountainlight 5200.  Easily the best real world, =
easy to understand, review of the pack I've seen anywhere.  If the =
others can tolerate a bit more, I have a few more questions.  How does =
the pack carry when only 1/2 or 2/3 full?  Still carry well or does it =
lose shape and sway even more?  Thank you.

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