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[pct-l] new item in the pcta store


The PCTA store now has the Winnett JMT guidebook back in stock, and has
added a brand new coffee table book. The photography is great.

 Here is the description:

"Along the Pacific Crest Trail".   

More than 120 stunning photographs combined with can't-put-down text make
"Along the Pacific Crest Trail" a must-have keepsake for all those who
treasure the beauty of the trail.  Washington photographer Bart Smith first
hiked segments of the PCT as a boy and traveled the trail in its entirety
in 1992-93.  His images portray the vast drama of the volcanic peaks,
old-growth forests, and towering rock faces encountered on the trail. 
Together with the observations of authors and wilderness veterans Karen
Berger and Daniel R. Smith, "Along the Pacific Crest Trail" is a book you
will enjoy for many years.
1998, 144 pages, 10" x 12",hardcover, $45.00.

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