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[pct-l] tahoe shuttle this w/e

hi folks,

i'm getting a friend from the east coast started on the tahoe-yosemite
trail this w/e, and will be hiking meeks bay to echo lake w/ him, sat to
mon.  is there anyone in the vicinity who could help shuttle my car friday
night or saturday morning so that it will be waiting for me at echo lake?
i was going to thumb it early sat down into s. lake tahoe then out to meeks
bay, but would rather do an organized shuttle if possible.

does anyone know the phone # of the hiker friendly motel in s. lake tahoe?
maybe they would do it for a fee?

pooh corner, is this too far out of the way for you?  i'm good for mileage
and a six pack...

ke kaahawe   AT92 TYT94 PCT2000
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