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Re: [pct-l] RE: Mountainlight 5200

For anyone looking into a pack using the criteria mentioned in choosing
the Mountainsmith 5200, you might consider the Madden fast-packs.  I love
my Koola, at 3400ci, expandable collar to 4200.  The weight is around
4lb 10oz (58oz), with a single aluminum stay with stiffener panel, a top-load
design with removable lid, and all 1200 plus cordura (overkill, but
certainly no problems with fabric durability.  I've used this pack for
1000+ miles in the past 1.5 years with no real complaints.  The suspension
is simple, but adequately comfortable at 40lb.  I've never pushed it
beyond this.  This pack is fairly no-frills, basically a large stuff-sack
with a lid pocket, which contains an inside water bladder "pocket."  It
has a beaver-tail-type compression panel as well.  The pack will also
work reasonably well without the lid (two drawstring closures over
water-resistant fabric).  The price is right at around $200 and I've come
to appreciate the Madden philosophy and support.  About the lid thing -
without it, the weight is decreased by 12 full oz.  The lid serves as a
summit pack with the main pack's hipbelt as well.
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