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[pct-l] Re: Horse Thread

<Geez, the open cattle grazing is worse than the few horses on the trail.  I
saw this in the register in Seiad <Valley:

The cattle I seen in OR didn't seem to over-graze the land as much as what I
seen in Northern CA. I was very disapointed in the poor use of the land. If
only the ranchers knew that they are loosing feed by over-grazing.  I came
from cow country and people were very kind to the earth. If they
over-grazed, they knew the land would be destroyed and they would be out of
business. The logging in this area was select logging. They would take a
quarter of the trees so that the remaining trees could grow faster and
bigger and help stop the spred of disease. A benificial way to log. What I
seen in Northern CA really upsets me.  I just think there are better ways.
Cattle do great in vacant states like MT and WY. I hate to see poor use to
the land. You all know how I love my meadows. I seen Donemere Meadow on the
map for a year or two and couldn't wait to visit there. When I first rode in
there last OCT., The place was full of cows and the land was severely
over-grazed. I have worked on some big ranches. One was over 500,000 accres.
I also have managed a  small 3000 acre ranch.  Believe me, I saw very poor
management here! Being from cow country, I am used to seeing cows. What I am
not used to seeing, is the land destroyed. It doesn't benefit the owner,
hikers or the wildlife! I hope this is the last of the over-grazing I
see.What kind of cattle problems are there on the CA, PCT? Many cows down there?


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