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[pct-l] Martina & Brian

Dear PCTL,

Martina Osterloh and Brian Dickson called from a town west of Government
Camp, Oregon.  Martina is suffering from a bad case of Giardia and so they
hitchiked out to seek medical care and take a break.  Martina mentioned the
possibility of quitting and letting Brian carry on.  I urged her to hold
off making that decision until she had a couple days of rest and some time
to let the medical attention do some good.  We will see.  They have made
excellent time up to this point and were on a schedule that would have them
finish the trail at the Weldon area around the end of September.  They
started at Campo on April 25th and hiked to Weldon.  Then took a train to
Canada and have been hiking south.

Walk tall and stride long,

Greg "Strider" Hummel
(care taker of the Scotish duo)
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