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Re: [pct-l] PCT idea of the day

Hi, Mark,

Nothing wrong; in fact, I think it's thoughtful. There have been times
when I needed just such a rope and had to detour way upstream to find a
safer place to cross. 

But there is this: 1) there are those who would see the rope as an affront
to their image of themselves as intrepid wilderness travelers; 2) rangers
would probably see it as an illegal permanent (more or less) fixture and
remove it; 3) others might come upon it late season when the raging stream
is just a trickle and wonder why all the "fuss;" and 4) there are those
who would want to come upon the raging stream, with no rope in place, and
find their own way across (it might be an "achievement" thing).

But, if you want to place a rope across one of the streams I may cross
this August in the Wind River range, I'd use it.

Craig Smith

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