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Just another snow report - my husband & I were in the McGee Creek basin in
the eastern sierra, south of Mammoth, on 7/17-7/19 and climbed a 13,000'
crest peak, getting a good look at snow conditions at that elevation.  We
experienced more or less continous snow above 11,000', but McGee Pass itself
was partially clear of snow on its west-facing side...and snow-covered
meadows at about 10,000 feet on Friday were clear of snow by Sunday.  Yep,
it's melting fast, thankfully!  Big & Little McGee lakes were still
ice-covered, but the ice was breaking up.  The hot weather this last weekend
must have helped tremendously!  It was over 100 deg. F in Bishop when we
arrived to use the city park's pool & showers on Sunday.  (yep, wimps after
a 3-day hike & climb!  but it was nice to wash off the deet before driving

Note to R.J. Calliger: Conness is a great climb, with a real granite
"stairway" near the summit-apparently constructed in early Yosemite Park
days for the hardier tourists.  It's reasonably easy from Saddlebag Lake, as
is Shepherd Crest.

Christine (PCT '94 - Campo to Sierra City, Cascade Locks to Manning Park)


Santa Clarita, CA

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