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Greetings to everyone in telnet space,

        Bill Person's asked me to send in a message to this list.  My name
is Jonathan and I'm addicted to hiking.  So, I'm hiking the PCT in all tis
snow.  I've made it to Donner Pass and am only 5 days behind my schedule
too boot.  Even with all the snow and several challenging river crossings
in the Yosemite area, the weather has been beautiful making the traveling
a little easier.  If you would like to follow along with me take a look at
my webpage shovel.cs.dartmouth.edu/breen/  It has all the info on how to
sens me messages via e-mail and snail mail.  I would love to hear from
anyone since there are basically no hikers around me that I am aware of.
One last note is that my having access to a computer and a rest day here
in Donner Pass is due to Bill and Molly Person's hospitality at what he
calls Pooh's Corner.  If you are hiking the PCT give him a call at
530-587-4485 when you arrive in Donner Pass. Well that's it for now, it's
back to hiking in the morning. Next stop Sierra City.
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