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[pct-l] weathercarrot in burney

after their small hitch ahead, weathercarrot and sam i am made burney
today.  ellen will be picking them up shortly for showers, laundry, etc.
hat creek rim (30 miles w/o water) was incredibly scenic, and no problem in
the 90+ degree heat until the last hour when they finally ran out of the
gallons of water they had been carrying.  but they were on the way down at
that point and reached hat creek in cassel easily enough.  relayed messages
regarding heavy blowdowns in section O and snow at 7000 in section P
(trinities/marbles).  no change in plans, just a sigh of resignation and
comments about "more of the same."  anticipating 5 days to castella,
starting tomorrow from burney falls.

thanks to charlie and noreen for the trail info.


ke kaahawe   AT92 TYT94 PCT2000
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