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[pct-l] Re: Cow pies

You asked where do the horse apples go? They go the same place as your turds
and the deer and elk.. You are what you eat and I would use horse apples on
my garden before a persons. You also cut down my cabin like I was raping the
land. I bought my own property that at one time was homestead land 100 years
ago. My cabin was built from the surrounding trees. I used every last twig
to build my cabin and to make shelter for turkeys and rabbits. Since you
were so harsh on my very natural and compact dwelling, I would like to know
what you live in. Do you drive a car? Do you buy plastics? If you do, that's
fine with me. I do not look down on society. Maybe if I were a part of it, I
would! It is something I really do not know much about. Give me a break! 

<there are simply too many folks on the planet to get self-righteous over a
lifestyle based on an
<ill-conceived notion that nature can be cultivated to suit our needs

We people have already disrupted nature beyond repair. It will never be the
same anywhere. We have the knowledge to make some changes that can help.
Just because I mentioned that I would hate to see lovely meadows disappear
doesn't mean I want to make a garden out of the mountains.  We have to
cultivate the earth to survive. No way around it. We can be great
care-takers of the planet. If we are not, the Earth will be gone. Much of
nature cultivates like beaver, ants, etc. I believe if we all give back more
to the Earth than we take, we can find a balance. I give nutritional rich
horse apples back, how about you. We have wonderful wildernesse and trails
to enjoy, we still have other land that can be cultivated so that we can
exist. I am satisfied and am enjoying life in a balance of working and
exploring America's wildlands. I would love to hear the many things you have
done in your lifetime to live low impact? Thanks for your comments. I do
think you have the wrong picture of me. I am not some broken down cowboy
that rapes the land. E-mails can be hard to get the full thought through. 


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