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[pct-l] Sierra Snow

This is my final report.
The snow sensors at Upper Tyndale Creek and Bishop show clear of snow this
weekend. The southern california heat wave has melted most of the snow. I
expect a mini-crest of streams next week [the actual crest of most rivers
was about June 17] followed by a drop in the water volume typical of late
June by next weekend.

If you were starting hiking next week you should expect wet conditions,
muddy trails and campsites. Stream crossings will be high but not
impossible.  There will be frozen, icy snowfields in shaded areas anywhere
but particulary on the north facing slopes. Snow is usually rotten and
soft. The big danger is falling through into a stream or rocky area. I
would read the terrain carefully. Typically the last 1/2 mile to a typical
12,000' high sierra pass will be over snow. Often, their will be a cornice
at the top. Crampons and ice axe/ski poles are still recommended. . A
simple altimeter will do more to tell you where you are in these conditions
than anything else I know of.

The very high passes such as Trail Crest and Forrester Pass pose special
problems. Snow is still continuous above 12,000' feet. Additionally, both
of these passes have sheltered sections [north on Forrester, east on Trail
Crest]. My previous advice to use Shephard pass as an alternate to
Forrester was in error. Shephard has its own problems.

As always, use this info at your own risk.

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