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Re: [pct-l] Effects of horses

Dave Gomberg wrote:

> At 12:00 AM 7/16/98 -0500, Dane wrote a lot of stuff.
> You know, Dane, I think the problem is between one horse on one trail one
> year and 100 horses on the same trail twice a day.   I object to the
> latter.   The trail turns into a huge horse-hoof ground gully filled with
> horse poop.  You know, my guess is if I used a Montana trail you had taken
> earlier I would not even know a horseman had been there.  You need to
> experience the mess we have seen to be able to understand why we are so
> opposed to horses.  And I think you would oppose the same mess to for the
> same reasons.   Drop into a heavily-used area some time and check out the
> mess.   People aren't much cleaner than horses, but we gotta hope they are
> trainable.   Sometimes I wonder.
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I also have been reading the interchanges between Dane and the rest of the
agree with Dave Gomberg in the above statements.  I have to say that I
don't buy
the feeding of bears story and was quite thrown off by the "Sheep make
narrative, which, by the way, has not yet seen a response.  Most of the
hikers I
meet on the trail are very conscious of their impact on the earth and in this
effort, leave only footprints.  This is a public list and also many
sections of
PCT are designated for horses.  I would like to offer to ammend this
allowance a
keep the trail as natural as possible.  Unfortunately the horses do not
have a s
in this matter but I would love to hear their input.  Do they line up
eagerly to
saddled and fit with a bit?  Perhaps Dane could receive a more posotive
that he should have, in a list more in tune to horse back riders?

Just a thought

Fellow hiker.       
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