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Re: [pct-l] WXcarrot update, n. sierra snow

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998, Michael Henderson wrote:

>they should hit burney on monday.  from there it is about a week to
>castella, with hopefully little snow.  from castella, it's into the
>trinities and marble mountains, where there is certainly more snow (the
>trail will climb above 7500' again).  if anyone has some definite,
>eye-witness accounts of where the snow level is in the trinities, let me
>know, i'm sure they'd appreciate the knowledge.  they'll be carrying ice
>axes well into oregon.

No scientific data, but two weekends ago on a drive through the area,
the snow situation didn't look so bad. Mostly mountain tops and passes
only. Of course I had just passed by Lassen and Shasta both of which
were still buried deep in the white stuff so my judgement might have
been a little off.  


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