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Re: [pct-l] Whitney Trail conditions

JMT Hikers,

<< For JMT thru-hikers: check out Doug's "John Muir Trail" patch available at
the store. It's the best you'll find in the Owens Valley. Don't leave Whitney
Portal without one! >>

As a satisfied customer, I must add that ...

Butch Wiggs at the Vermilion Valley Resort has the best "John Muir Trail
Through Hike" tee shirt in all the Sierras. Check those out while you are
there. (I'll bet Butch would mail it home for you so you don't have to carry
it for the rest of your trip.) 

Butch accepts telephone orders too if you forgot to buy a tee shirt last year
when you hiked the JMT.

Charlie Jones
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