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[pct-l] Sierra Snow

Current model is that snow level is retreating at the rate of 500'
[vertical] per week. It is currently between 10,500-11,000 for
non-sheltered areas.

News of the Mt Whitney Trail:
Last week, 7/9, the snow level was at Trailside Meadow [11,400]. The heat
wave hit the Mountain this week. Snow level is about Trail Camp (12,000').
On the trail, you'll hit snow at Trailside Meadow. Tracks go up snow field
to left, or you can follow switchbacks (trail) to Trail Camp. From Trail
Camp to Trail Crest, most people are going to the right of the ridge where
the trail is. The switchbacks are still snowed in. The cables are starting
to show through, but still in shadow most of the time and very
icy/difficult. Going up the snow field, people are still encountering full
winter mountaineering conditions, using ski poles, ice axes, and crampons.
From Trail Crest to summit is fairly clear except for final piece. On the
back side, there are a few rock slides across the trail.

New from Bishop Pass
Snow has retreated from the Treasure Lakes Junction to Long Lakes.
Crampons/Ice Axe still required for the pass.

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