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[pct-l] Meadows and Sheep

At 11:42 PM 7/13/98 -0400, Dane wrote:
>>... We are loosing
>>our beautiful mountain meadows through fire protection. John Muir was a
>>sheep herder in Yosemite and many of these meadows are the result. No more
>>sheep, no more meadows, trees and weeds are taking over.

Don Gennero wrote:
>Dane, meadows are not created by sheep.


In fact the sheep have and are still causing destruction of the meadows by eating all of the deep rooted shrubs that hold the soil in place. The soil erodes more easily and deeply incised drainages quickly begin to cut into the normally flat meadow with low angle meandering drainage. Many such deeply eroded meadows can be seen in the southern Sierra.

I wish the miss-informed would not divulge what they erroneously believe to be the truth! It miss leads the innocent and ignorant to believe miss guided paths of wisdom.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

Oh, and I have been corrected here upon my very own miss-informed opinions previously and therefor attempt to restrict my comments to those issues that I truely believe to have intimate knowledge of. * From the Pacific Crest Trail Email List | For info http://www.hack.net/lists *