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[pct-l] Butch W. /VVR Q's

    There appears to be a few of us on the list that are attempting the JMT 
this summer. I've gotten some information from the PCTA homepage, as well as 
yours, regarding food drops and layovers at Vermillion Valley Resort. I had 
a few specific questions that both pages didn't address, that might be of 
interest to the list's JMT '98 hopefuls:

What kind of lead time should we plan on to have our food drop waiting for 
us this year? If say, I intend to arrive at VVR Aug. 25th, when would you 
wish to see the package arrive at the address hikers send their packages to? 
How close is pushing it?

Is the food drop service fee still $6.00 and what address should we mail the 
food package to?
Do you prefer we pay the $6.00 in advance, or when we arrive? If in advance, 
in a separate envelope to the same address?

Do you suggest rodent-proof containers for the package? I intend to ship 
mine in a large square plastic bulk bird seed container with taped-down 
handle and lid. Are containers like this encouraged and do you have a use 
for them once we have resupplied?

What is this year's schedule for the ferry from Mono Creek?

Does the "hiker special" apply to JMT end-to-ender's as well? Do you require 
reservations for the tent cabin, room, or pitching a tent near the premises, 
and is a day after the intended arrival date a problem?

    Ken and Debbie Marlow

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