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   I would like to reply to the post regarding Brian, Brian and Martina's
   "rescue" of "six lost PCT'ers."

   As one of the six aforementioned hikers (who were Bootleg Neb, Sideshow,
   Weatherman, La Bomba, Skitter and me -- Woodstock) I feel the need to

   On the fourth night of a six-day section, Brian, Brian, Martina,
   Marathon Man and Kevin rolled by our camp, thanking us for our blazing
   the trail to this point.  We were not at all lost, we were camped for
   the night and we were thankful for others who joined our efforts to
   blaze the trail.

   Martina, Brian and Brian's ability to find the trail was, without a
   doubt, exceptional;  but they were by no means saving lost hikers.

   I don't mean to sound nit-picky, I just don't understand this
   competitiveness among thru-hikers -- so few who share so much.

   I also want to say hello to all the southbound thru-hikers: we've come
   so far and grown so much.  I give thanks.

   [posted on behalf of Woodstack of Portland, Oregon by Martina (no

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