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[pct-l] Jethro & Daisy May in Crater Lake, OR

After 5 days of hiking from their last stop near Hyatt Reservoir, they've=

reached Crater Lake, OR.  This leg was slower (they have a "visiting" hik=
with them) than normal.  No trail conditions reported this time
unfortunately, but they are getting tired of the same-ol' same-ol' food
boxes!  The grocery list in terms of replacement items looks like it adds=

variety to their meals.  Mentioned they were tired of peanut butter, but
know they need it.  It is surprising the number of stops they've had wher=
the little stores do not have meat available!  =

Supplimental supplies of whoopie pies and brownies were at Hyatt, and the=
didn't last long.

Still heading north.  Hope to report more later.

Pete =

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