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[pct-l] Tuna & bears

WE burn our cans to help deodorize and reduce bacteria, since we carry our
garbage out. On our horse packing expedition, we dry all kinds of food all
winter and have boxes sent on the trail. My favorite is hamburger jerky. Way
better than any other jerky and very cheap to make. It can be fried for a
bacon substitute or eaten plain. We also crumble hamburger and then
dehydrate it after it is cooked. Then we dry tomato paste & sauce to what
looks like a fruit leather. It dehydrates into paste and makes good
spaghetti. Also makes good burrito's and tacos. We have about 15 different
veggies dried, 50 # of hamburger and other meats. We pack about a 2 month
supply of stables and then buy a few can goods at resorts along the trail.
If any one sees us on the trail this year, you are welcomed to dinner. We
also have a couple solar showers. We are very high tech and you can't miss
us. Look for riders wearing dirtbike clths and solar panels on the horses.
Check out our website. We are designing equipment and trying different
strategies to lessen the impact of horses. We are also studying different
ways that horses can benefit the wilderness and wildlife. We give packing
seminar's and promote low impact! We are all ready to hit the trail but
still waiting for the snow to melt. It is too difficult to ride a horse
through snowfields. As for bears, I have never hung anything in a tree. I
usually sleep under the stars and keep the pack boxes within a few feet. I
have dealt with black bears for years in Montana. They would drop off
problem bears from Yellowstone in our mountains!  I am not afraid of black
bears and would take one on if I had to. Grizzlies are a different thing! I
packed all through Glacier Park and surrounding areas and never got a full
night sleep. I was never far from my 44 mag. This revolver is very loud and
will scare them off without risking death by shooting the bear. I find that
bears can smell oils much more than non oily foods. Frying bacon will surely
draw them in. It seems the smell carries farther. Bears are cool if you
understand and respect them. I always threw out scraps to the bear by my cabin.

Horseback America

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