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[pct-l] Food

Dude --  

You asked:  Has anyone ever taken tuna?  Am I asking for trouble if I take

Like many others who responded, I find an occasional small can of some animal
protein well worth the weight.  Last year on the trail, my son Brian and I
treated ourselves to one small can of tuna or chicken in a pasta, potato or
rice dish for the two of us.  We carried maybe two cans for a 6 or 7 day
section.  We also had shrimp, really tasty with potatoes, but they were dried.
You can find them in a good oriental food market if you're inclined.  Brian
didn't carry cans when he was hiking solo, because of the weight.    

Bears are no more or less attracted to tuna, that I know of, than any other
pack treat you may have to offer.  Use the bear boxes in Yosemite to protect
them from the sin of gluttony.  I almost believe bears in that area can read
labels or smell through metal.  A bunch of years ago I carried a canned ham
(!) up out of Hetch-hetchy and a bear snagged it down off a bear wire.  I kept
the can around for a long time as a remembrance.  It had some beautiful tooth
and claw marks, and Yogi had licked it clean despite some mean ragged edges!  

Your basic food plan sounds good.  We cooked only once each day, relying on
cold cereal and trail food except for dinner.  That varied in the desert
areas, where we tended to cook and eat "dinner" where we found water and
shade, regardless of the time of day.  

Enjoy your trip! -- TrailDad        
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