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Re: [pct-l] greetings

Adam --

I haven't hiked the AT but the people I've talked with who have done both the
AT and the PCT sure agree they're different!  Which is "better" or "harder"?
I don't think I want to start that argument up again.  The AT is steeper but
the PCT is higher.  You have a chore gaining elevation on either.  Cold and
windy describes both, at times and places.  The PCT desert stretches can be
hotter, but not nearly so humid as the AT.  I love the high mountains but am
told the fall colors in the Northeast are not to be missed.  I guess you'll
have to do both and decide for yourself.  Good luck!

You may want to take a look at some of the pictures on our web site.  They
show the variety of country my son and I hiked through on the PCT last year.
It's at:


There's a link from the PCTA web page.  Again, best wishes! -- TrailDad
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