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[pct-l] re: Echo Lake to Castle Crags

randy wrote:
>>>   I'm going to be hiking the section of the PCT between Echo Lake and
Castle Crags
starting on Aug 15th and I was curious about which set of maps Weathercarroat 
and Sam are using. Are they the USGS topo maps or is there a better set 
available ??

Also, what is the bear situation like on that stretch this year ?? Is the
snow causing any increase in their activity around the trail ??   <<<

weathercarrot and sam are using the PCT guidebook and the strip maps
included therein.  those maps i believe are reprints of usgs topos, but put
together conveniently for long distance hiking (ie the trail soemtimes only
crosses a corner of a single topo, but appears in the guidebook in
conjunction with the topos around it).  they are detailed.

i'll hopefully be seeing them on saturday if i can calculate accurately
where they will be (fowler lake?), plus i'll be hearing from them
periodically.  i'll be sure to ask them about bear activity.

ke kaahawe   AT92 TYT94 PCT2000
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