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[pct-l] Mt Whitney Trail

The news from Mt. Whitney as of 7/9/98
Bears are breaking into cars almost every night. Whitney Portal Campground
has bear boxes, but there's inadequate space for everyone's food. YOU MUST

Trail has snow at Trailside Meadow (11,500') and on to Trail Crest (13,
777'). Most people are taking the snow field to the right of the
switchbacks from Trail Camp (12,000) to Trail Crest. People are using ski
poles, ice axes, crampons, etc. successfully. Expect snow field to be stiff
(slippery) during early morning hours and again by evening, so plan to
leave summit and be off the snow field by this time. The snow field is
about 1,500' increase in elevation at about 35-40 degree slope, so know
what you're dealing with

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