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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #538

you wrote:

>Just got a phone call from Weathercarrot & Sam - they're in Sierra
>City.  Lots of snow - down to 7500' on the south slopes and 7000' on the
>north slopes.  He's  still excited and not nearly as nervous about the
>snow now that he's lived with it for a couple days. He says it still
>looks like mid-winter up there.  They figure 4-5 more days to Belden.
>Says the trail itself is a lot like the best of the AT in terms of
>difficulty - well-graded and relatively easy except for the snow.  He
>was very impressed with the maps and guidebooks too.  He had to learn
>route finding on the spot, since there was no visible trail, and has
>been able to learn map and compass skills easily since the maps are so
>detailed and accurate (his words).

I'm going to be hiking the section of the PCT between Echo Lake and Castle Crags
starting on Aug 15th and I was curious about which set of maps Weathercarroat 
and Sam are using. Are they the USGS topo maps or is there a better set 
available ??

Also, what is the bear situation like on that stretch this year ?? Is the heavy 
snow causing any increase in their activity around the trail ??

Thanks in advance for any input

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