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[pct-l] ALDHA-West Web update

For those of you who aren't members of American Long Distance Hikers
Association West (ALDHAW) and don't get the newsletter, we've updated the
website with articles from the current addition. Included is an article
about the early days of the PCT including a picture of Martin Papendick the
first PCT thru-hiker in 1952. I hope to have a full article about his hike
posted soon.

The Mail Bag - See what happening with other ALDHAW members.
Wonderland Trail Profile - Bob Turner explains what it's like to hike on the
Wonderland Trail around Mount Rainier.
Early PCT Vision & Concept - Find out about the early days of the PCT.
Included is a photo of Martin Papendick the first PCT thru-hiker in 1952.
Why Make List? - Karl Diederich talks about using list to prioritize your
long distance hiking.
One Pot Dinners - Kathy Morey talks about putting together easy one pot
What Makes a Long Distance Hike? - A couple of long distance hikers take on
the task of explaining it..


Ron Moak (Webmaster)

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