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Re: [pct-l] Food.

In a message dated 98-07-09 11:03:48 EDT, dude1@pdq.net writes:

<< I was thinking about also taking some canned tuna, until I thought about
bears.  The tuna would be a great source for protein.  Does anyone know if the
empty Tuna can would attract hoards of bears?  Has anyone ever taken tuna?  Am
I asking for trouble if I take tuna?  >>

Once opened, I'll bet a bear can smell a tuna fish can for any number of

I knew a hiker once who liked canned sardines (same problem with oils). She
would throw the can in the fire for awhile to burn off the smelly oils. Of
course, she retrieved the can from the cool ashes the next morning and carried
it out for proper disposal.

That plan assumes too that you can have a fire the night you eat the tuna. 

Good luck,
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